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Stephen Williams has been Howard High School‘s baseball coach since 2004, and his love for the game is shown through his passion for coaching and his impressive collection of sports memorabilia. Williams is likely South Dakota’s most well-read baseball enthusiast, and he has even written books on the subject.

Williams became a father in 2015, and his daughter inspired him to take up blogging as a way to share his knowledge with the world but also ensure that it was available to his daughter should she be interested. Of course, he has high hopes that she will share his love.

This blog will contain useful hints about the game of baseball, historical facts, and even reviews about baseball equipment. Williams doesn’t narrow the scope of his topic but rather selects topics based on what he believes to be relevant. This allows for varied content and lively subjects rather than mundane monotony. He is truly a baseball inspiration. Want to contact Stephen Williams? He is available via email at